Cleaner Than Clean

If you go after a President or one of his people, you need to be cleaner than clean. Otherwise, you are out.  The media might tolerate mistakes when they involve a CEO, but not the leader of the United States.  CNN has no love for Trump and probably would like to see him impeached, but it can't be caught publishing "fake news" about the President, his cabinet or his advisers.  So, it took the resignations of three of its journalists.  PR practitioners might wish that to happen more often but most errors in the media are not as prominent on the national scene.  Still, there are reporters who raise hackles when they call and put companies on edge.  They don't go away or get any easier to deal with over time.  One must deal with them and correct their errors.  Call them the media relations practitioner's guarantee of employment.

Too Little Too Late

The manufacturer of the cladding that burned on Grenfell Tower in London has now discontinued sales of the material.  This is an example of too little too late.  A number of news reports have discussed a prolonged argument against the cladding because of its lack of fire proofing.  Yet, it was used anyway to deadly effect.  Arconic, the maker, has a PR crisis on its hands of its own making.  The company knew the product was flammable, and it recommended that it not be used beyond the range of fire ladders.  It must have known that it was installed on towers in London.  Why didn't Arconic speak up?  This is a crisis for which there is no good solution.  An apology for the death of 79 people is hardly enough.  There is a chance the company will go bankrupt as the matter is hauled through the courts, and that is as Continue reading "Too Little Too Late"

You’re a C+ Leader – Now What?

The Betsy Plank Center at the University of Alabama has long been seen as one of the true sources of thought leadership in our industry. Their most recent report shows a yawning gap between how industry leaders perceive themselves versus the rank-and-file reporting to them. A special shoutout to Bill Heyman, the Babe Ruth of executive recruiting, who helped spearhead this seminal report. Peppercomm’s Culture Czar, Sara Whitman’s has written today’s guest post with her take on the findings:  The grades are in and it looks like we will see each other in summer school. This year’s Plank Center Report Card on PR Leaders shows slipping grades in key categories like work culture, job engagement and job satisfaction. Overall, our industry leaders fell from a B- in 2015 to C+ in 2017. Add to this an increasing gender gap between the perceptions of men and women from 2015 to
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How a Trip to Antigua Dropped Into My Lap Thanks to Intentionality

Would you believe I literally dreamed up a trip to Antigua? Had this not happened to me, I would have called myself crazy, or “woo woo,” or maybe something even more colorful. 😉 But it did. And it reminded me of just how powerful intentionality can be … when we are really focused about what we want. A couple of weekends ago, I shared this nifty little graphic in my Social PR Posse Facebook group: intentionality It got a lot of responses. I mean, who doesn’t want to go to the Bahamas?! Plus, it’s the kind of thing you want to dream about on a Sunday evening, right? Not two hours later – again, all this was happening on a Sunday evening – I got a message from my dear friend and mentor, Patrice Tanaka (I’m not name-dropping, there’s a reason I mention her). She said: “I have a voucher for
Shonali Burke
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Some people should be kept away from social media for their own protection.  The President is one of those and so is this fellow.  Their postings are egocentric, frequently false and just plain dumb.  Rather than building a following, they appeal to a narrow class of readers, and they are mocked by the majority.  Already, Trump's tweets have been used against his position on Syrian immigrants in court.  True to form, neither Trump nor Shkreli seem to be aware of the damage they are doing to themselves.  They persist.  If they were to listen to communications counsel, they would be told to hang up their twitter handles and stay quiet.  But, they don't hear.  Their over-confidence gets in the way.  So, we watch them sink themselves day by day and we wonder how they will respond to their ultimate fates.