Rebuilding A Brand

Samsung is a case study in how to rebuild a brand after a disaster.  The firm was on its back after its Galaxy Note 7 phones began to explode and melt down.  The company was forced to recall millions it had already sold and go back to the drawing board.  Samsung did it by holding itself accountable for the mistake, by tracing the defect to its root cause and through communicating effectively to internal and external audiences.  The company had a war room through which it processed all traditional and social media references to it.  It used its agencies to transmit updates and corrections as quickly as possible.  It defined a new strategy summed in the line, "Do what you can't."  When it launched the Galaxy Note 8, it came full circle and returned to its prior reputation and market position.  Moreover, the 8 is selling well.  What it did to succeed was the essentials of crisis PR.  Kudos to the company for turning around its fortunes so quickly.