Stepping In It

It seems a CEO can't say anything without catching some flack. Consider this case.  Twitter's CEO posted a screen shot about his use of a Chik-fil-A's mobile app and saving 10 percent on his order.  The internet erupted in a barrage of criticism.  How could he patronize a business that doesn't recognize gay marriage?  Dorsey apologized but he wouldn't be too far wrong if he considered himself snake-bit.  The incident is a lesson.  Everything you say is watched online and if you make a false step you will hear about it. Dorsey said he had forgotten about the company's stance on gay marriage -- a plausible excuse.  But, other's didn't.  To compound his difficulty, he was bashed as well by conservatives for giving a mea culpa.  Sometimes you can't win.  He would have been better off keeping silent in the first place.