A pitiless human responsible for dozens of deaths and industrial-sized drug trafficking is petitioning a Federal court to be allowed to hug his wife. It seems he needs a little tenderness.  The court would be within its rights to deny the request.  The prisoner, notorious drug king, El Chapo, has escaped prison twice, and one could well be suspicious that a hug with his wife might be an attempt to go on a lam a third time. American authorities have made a show of guarding him to prevent another mishap.  They are keeping him in solitary confinement.  They are moving him under heavy guard.  They are watching him every second.  Hugging his wife would be a break in the routine.  The US wants to communicate to traffickers that if they are brought here from Mexico, they will get a fair trial and if convicted, .  It will be harder for them to bribe jailers or to fashion new escapes.  It is not unreasonable that El Chapo will be held in solitary for the rest of his life for his own protection and to prevent him from hatching new schemes.  If so, the message to South American criminals is not to mess with the US.