Good Publicity

This post is by Jim Horton from Online Public Relations Thoughts

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The memo Google's CEO sent to employees about sexual harassment was good publicity. Only time will reveal if it was good PR.  The reason is that public relations is what is done and not what is spun.  Google's employees know the difference, and they will keep close watch on the actions of the company.  Any lack of promise fulfillment and/or back sliding will be noted and protested.  Google, especially, has to worry about this.  Its employees are outspoken, and they take their case to the media.  There is little the company can get away with, and that is as it should be.  One wonders if more corporations should be under the spotlight as Google is.  There would be less tolerance for managerial misbehavior.  It would never be perfect, of course, because humans are as variable as the weather.  There will be someone who violates rules and attempts to get away with it.  But, with increased employee vigilance, perpetrators will be brought to heel more quickly.