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Finding people you want to connect with online can be a challenge – it takes time and persistence to sift through and pinpoint the right users. Likewise, people out there are searching for you! Ask yourself: How findable are you? Make yourself more accessible by fully utilizing the communities you’re on so others can better track you down.

Magnifying Glass

Some tips below are for specifically leveraging Twitter, but can also be adapted to other social channels such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Screen Name

Make your screen name your real name. For those who are late adopters of Twitter, or who have common names, this might not be realistic. Check to see what user names are available and make it as close to your name as you can. This makes it easier for people to find and remember you.

Maximize Your Profile

Complete your profile and don’t leave anything blank. All of these details make you more discoverable through search streams.

  • Use a profile picture that others can identify as being you.
  • Fill in your personal information by adding your first and last name and current location with city and state.
  • Add a web link in your profile, such as a link to your personal blog or to your company website
  • In your bio section, add personal details like where you work, what activities you like, etc.

Go Public

Make sure your profile is set to public so you can share your profile with others.

Update Contact Settings

Update your contact settings by adding a common email address that others can search you by. This will not be shown on your profile.

Create Lists

By grouping your followers into lists, you allow your handle and list to appear under a follower’s “Listed” tab. Sifting through others’ lists is also a good way to find people you may want to follow.

Put Yourself on Directories

Place yourself on directories such as WeFollow or Twellow where users can list themselves among other tweeps by using keywords. 

Cross Link

Are your various sites linked to each other? Add your Twitter handle to your LinkedIn, Facebook and personal blog accounts.

Tell us: What are other simple ways to become more discoverable?

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