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It’s inevitable. Election Day is upon us, and we all know we’re supposed to vote, according to every tweet and Facebook status update this morning. But do you know what you are voting for? Issues top of mind for me, and likely the rest of the U.S., are below; however, use the digital resources around you to read, understand and research before exercising your right to vote. It’s hard to wrap your head around the mass amount of content out there.I voted

And once you vote, encourage others to do so through social media. Use the hashtags #electionday, #ivoted on Twitter. Also, Foursquare is giving out special Election day badges when you use the hashtag @ivoted. You have the opportunity to have a voice, so take advantage of it.

1. The Economy. The issue that affects us all. Early predictions show that the Democrats will suffer as the party in power, and we tend to think that leaderships could change when the economy undergoes. But it doesn’t change overnight, people. Take a look at the bigger picture and the plans proposed by each party before going check-mark happy.

With Obama’s proposition for investments in our transportation systems to create more jobs, the Republicans reluctantly withdrew their support prior to today’s ballots. President Obama also has promised a deficit reduction plan in 2011, and the Republicans have pledged to cut spending, but neither party has offered a real solution as to how to reduce the current deficit.

2. Healthcare. The new health law is always an issue top of mind, but the Republicans are trying to fight this one out. The law requires that insurers give parents the option of keeping their adult children covered until they’re 26 years old, but, given the many exemptions and twists to this law, it makes more sense to pick it apart through smaller bills.

3. National Security and the War. With a weak foreign policy plan in place, this is the time to acknowledge your concerns. We live in an era where terrorist threats have become the norm and we have soldiers overseas risking their lives daily in honor of our country. Whether we’ve had a Republican or Democratic president in house, we can’t ignore the number of deaths that have occurred.

4. The 2009 Stimulus Package. This proved to be unsuccessful with the majority of the public writing it off as an utter failure. Between the lack of job growth, small business credit, unemployment, consumer and housing prices, and the US Real GDP, the Democratic Party has made little improvements when taking a look at the bigger picture.

5. Immigration. Overcrowding, unemployment, trespassing, violent crime, drug importation, fraud and human trafficking have all reached epic proportions. Conservatives are offended by liberals who claim racism is at the heart of the debate. Every year, more than half a million people enter the U.S. illegally and less than half of them are deported.

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