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Here is an issue about which the President seems to have been on all sides whether he has or not — extending tax cuts for the wealthy.  Now, the word comes that he will not extend them — his original position — but the issue of a short-term extension is still open.  Whether or not the wealthy get a tax break is no longer the point, it seems to me, but the appearance of vacillation is.  The President sometimes seems uninvolved and indecisive, an unfortunate impression at a time when the electorate is looking for direction.  The public wants a leader who says, “Go there and all will be well.”  What is puzzling is that the President was an extraordinary communicator as a candidate.  That is what put him into the White House.  He seems to have lost the power of words since.  It is an issue that commentators already have noted and historians will chew in time.  The rest of us are left wondering.

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