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Teamwork. We hear this word a lot. What does it mean? To me, it means a group of individuals working collectively toward a common goal with each person doing his or her part and not thinking about one’s own progress or advancement, but rather about a positive outcome for the entire group.

The San Francisco Giants players showed the world amazing teamwork this week when they beat the Texas Rangers to win the World Series on Monday night in Game 5. They were the underdogs all season. Not many people expected them to win. But they worked together and became victorious. They had no heroes, no single superstars — just a team full of people working hard collectively every day.

If you asked the pitcher who won the game, I hope he would say the defense that backed him up. If you asked an outfielder, I hope he would say the shortstop who had a clutch play in the third to retire the inning. If you asked the second baseman, I hope he would say the catcher who had been giving great calls to the pitcher all game.

I could not do my job without my teammates, and I would not want to either. Sometimes we fail together, but more importantly we triumph together. I would not be successful without their hard work and dedication, and I certainly would not enjoy my work as much if I did not have the team to work with every day.

I have been working on an ongoing project for a few months now, and we recently assigned a dedicated team for production. It is a small team, but we work extremely well together. Each person brings a unique and talented skill set to the table, which creates a cohesive, well-rounded team. We are efficient and effective because we collaborate and help wherever needed. There is a level of responsibility that we have developed because if I am late with my work, then that puts more pressure on my teammates.

Together, we achieve great things and have the same goal of producing amazing work for our clients. I’m lucky to be on such an incredibly talented team and part of such an amazing organization that values teamwork. So, remember to thank not only your pitcher and your catcher, but your entire team.

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