The Past, Present and Future of Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg, Brian Solis, Kevin Rose

A big part of my work as a digital analyst and anthropologist is to track emerging and disruptive technology trends and study their impact on business and society. In the early 2000s, much of that work was focused on what was Web 2.0, collaboration (office 2.0) and the rise of social media. It was a very special time in my career. I had the good fortune to be in the center of a very important shift in technology and culture. Not only did I track it, I was also involved in the development of many popular and influential tech companies and movements. Even though I’ve since moved on to topics such as digital transformation, innovation, experience design, and corporate culture, As a digital anthropologist, I still track how people and their behaviors, values, norms, etc., are evolving as a result of
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Why Your Brand Needs Vidcon and the Rise of Creator Influence and Trust

For the last three years, I’ve made it a point to attend Vidcon, even if that meant missing the prestigious Cannes Lions. Why? Because the roots of shifting consumer behavior, trust and influence are evident to those paying attention. For those who are tracking what’s next, the future of entertainment and engagement is taking shape online and live in Anaheim every summer. Thousands upon thousands of young adults, children and supportive parents convene upon Vidcon every year in the hopes that they might meet, take a selfie with and learn from their favorite creator. Within minutes upon arriving,  even the most skeptical or uninitiated executive would have no choice but to appreciate and ponder the magnitude that is Vidcon. This year, I attended for two reasons. This is the third year, I’ve had the privilege to present on the main industry stage (thank you Jim Louderback!). Second, my TechSet
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Customer Experience is Defined by the Experience Customer’s Have, Remember and Share

The funny thing about customer experience is that, for all of its good intentions, it is a bit ironic. Many businesses talk about the importance of customer experience (CX). At the same time, many are prioritizing investments in new technologies and touchpoints to improve engagement. But, when asked about their understanding of modern customer behaviors, expectations, preferences and which experiences in their life they love and don’t love…you get crickets. All too often, customer experience doesn’t really start with the customer. But in reality, the customer experience can only be defined by the experience a customer has with a brand. And, it can only be measured by the experience they have in each moment and the sum of those moments. Said another way, customer experience belongs to the customer and it should start with them. That’s the irony of CX. It’s often not customer-centered. Companies are frequently shareholder- or stakeholder-centric.
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Business Innovation, Culture 2.0 and the Importance of Shared Experiences

Leo Bottary is a well-known author and keynote speaker. He’s also a long-time friend of mine. For several years, I had the opportunity to tour the Vistage conferences as they toured the U.S. I nope to experience the opportunity to meet CEOs and senior executives on their home turf and hear their challenges and accomplishments again soon. Since I last spent time with him, Leo has launched a popular podcast, Year of the Peer, that explores the latest trends driving business transformation. I joined him recently to discuss X along with my research on digital transformation, corporate innovation and the need for culture 2.0. I hope our conversation helps you… Please listen and share!

About Brian

Brian Solis is principal analyst and futurist at Altimeter, the digital analyst group at Prophet, Brian is world renowned keynote speaker and 7x best-selling author. His latest book, X: Where
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The Construct for Digital Transformation and Business Model Innovation

Digital transformation is the new black. It is one of those catch-all terms that seems to describe any investment in trending digital technologies and modern processes and philosophies. Depending on the role, department and mindset, digital transformation means many things to many different people But, digital transformation is much more than just “digital.” It is also the construct for the future of business. I recently appeared on CIO Talk Network with host Sourav Bhattacharjee and Steven John, Global CIO of H.B. Fuller, a specialty chemical manufacturer. On the show, we discussed Steven’s experience in transforming the CIO role into a key collaborator in digital and business transformation. I also shared my research and insights from observing how companies traverse 6 Stages of Digital Transformation. Please take a moment to listen to the episode and also share your stories, thoughts and ideas so we can learn and grow together.

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Social media gave everyone a voice, on the other hand, it also gave everyone a voice

We live in a world where where information and misinformation is prevalent and weighted equally all too often. As human beings, we are learning how to use social media effectively to communicate and connect. At the same time, we’re drowning in abundance, complexity of choices and and unfortunately, the misappropriation or misdirection of influence. Concurrently in professional realms, many leadership teams are overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the sheer scope and scale of the digital evolution. For many of us, social media and the accelerating pace of new devices and apps hitting the market continues to impact our work and life. On this episode of Digital Outliers, I’m joined by Alexandra Samuel, technology futurist and author. Not all things social media are created equal. Functionality on different platforms leads to different kinds of conversations, and these tech-driven interactions carry significant impacts on the way we communicate
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