Macbook Air tip: how to cool it down, quieten and make its battery last longer again

I have a Macbook Air. I use it every day and take it with me pretty much everywhere. It's one of the original (old!) models, and recently it started getting hot, noisy and lasting under one hour on a full battery charge, so I thought I was going to need to invest in a newer model. I seriously thought it was on its way out, even though it looks new.

Then I stumbled across a few forum threads, spent 5mins tinkering, and my laptop is as good as new. Battery now lasts 4hrs again, it's cool and makes no noise! 

Some people said to me on Twitter this morning that they would be keen on me sharing the links to the tips I followed, so here they are. 

1. Delete a couple of useless files

2. Disconnect from iCloud

3. Make sure Word and iTunes are not running unless you need them to be. 

And le voila! Point 1 is new to me. Point 2 is fine, as I don't really need it. And 3 is just a tip, but one I had never realised was important. 

Hope this helps!

Keynoting SAScon: the future of PR

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.30.30

Quaking in by boots just a little as I'm heading up to Manchester this evening for my first conference keynote talk. I'm opening up SAScon (Search, Analytics & Social Conference). It looks to be a pretty interesting event, as the convergence of disciplines and skills is exactly what the future of PR is about. And social is obviously my focus.

Other speakers I'm really looking forward to catching up with include Dom Burch, head of social at ASDA, Robin Wilson of McCann Erickson, Andy Barr of 10Yetis, Rob Brown of Rule 5 and Phil Mackechnie of Moneysupermarket. And of course all the people that I haven't yet met or connected with online - apparently the day is sold out. 

If you aren't there, follow on the hashtag #SAScon. If you are there, let me know on Twitter and we should meet up! 

Help Battenhall find a new London HQ

The paint on the walls is barely dry, but already it is time for me to find Battenhall a new London HQ. We launched Battenhall in March 2013 and our team has grown from 1 to 10 people, we have clients including FTSE 100s, cult FMCG brands and hot startups. We're putting on big events and creating our own research all that. We're expanding so fast, it's only a matter of time before we need a new office altogether. 

We've been looking already under our own steam, but finding an office for a young and growing company in London is HARD. Space is usually not as flexible as we need to be, and we're a client servicing business, so our home needs to look more impressive than average. Also the race for space in London is tough. Twice already an office we really liked got snapped up before we could so much as check the particulars. Like this one, below. 

Battenhall's would be office
So here is what we are after. If you think you can help us, please get in touch with me by email or Twitter (@drewb): 

  • Space for 10 people with room to grow (so maybe more than 10 if the space is not flexible)
  • Location: Shoreditch, Tech City, Clerkenwell or surrounding areas
  • Budget: flexible
  • We'll consider private, shared or serviced office set-ups
  • Must-haves: presentable, good internet, somewhere to plug in coffee machine(s)

That's about it. I hope you can help us in our search for Battenhall HQ 2.0. 

Digital disruption and a tale of two WPPs

Sir Martin Sorrell

This week WPP announced head-turning financial results. With Sir Martin Sorrell firmly on the digital path, he stated that no media sector is safe from digital disruption and he has his eyes on 45% of the group's income coming from digitial in the near future. The results he announced this week were that profits are up 19% at WPP. 

Digital disruption is what makes me tick. It has the PR industry trembling at the knees, because when it comes to real digital engagement, you cant just spend money in a different place and call it digital, like you can in advertising. This disruption is bringing in a need for new structures, new skills and new philosophies in PR businesses and in in-house teams. It's what drove me to set up Battenhall, change how I think an agency should look (see here), and hopefully do a great deal of disruption first hand. 

But let's go back to the WPP results and read a little deeper into their digital disruption manifesto. It looks as if even they have not cracked it in the PR world. This Holmes Report article titled: "What's eating WPP's PR firms" shows that the PR results for WPP were disappointing with revenues and profits going down. This quote from Arun Sudhaman from The Holmes Report piece I think is spot on: 

"...if one thing is clear, it is that PR firms, big or small, must innovate if they are to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the changing marketing landscape. And while that may not require them to become independent, it does suggest that they would benefit from acting more independently."

So where does that leave the PR industry and digital disrpution? If you ask me, still very few are getting it right, but even the biggest boys on the block are aiming in the right direction. 

Introducing the social casino experiment

World first for empire

Next week we are helping to launch an experiment with our new client at Battenhall, The Casino at The Empire, on Leicester Square. 

This is a social media experiment, and here is how it will work. Right now, a competition is running on Facebook. The winner will get a VIP day at the casino, including £1,000 of chips to spend at the casino in one day. The only snag: every decision made in the casino that day will be crowdsourced through Twitter. 

If you're interested in having a flutter, enter here on the casino's Facebook page. Entries close this weekend. 

Follow the experiment on Twitter @EmpireCasino to help decide on which way the bets go on the day. 

And that's it. The day of the experiment is next Thursday, 8th August. I'll update this blog as the event approaches and we'll see what we learn!

Image courtesy of SelectorGame

Battenhall and workplace innovation in the Financial Times

About a month ago Ian Sanders, a writer from the Financial Times, got in touch with me out of the blue saying that he was putting together a feature on companies that do innovate things to attract and keep top talent.

Ian said he had heard about us and read about some of the things we do. Excitedly for me, as Battenhall at the time was only three months old, I met up with Ian and we talked about future business models and how some of the ideas I had were starting to take shape here in our new comms agency and how it goes beyond talent into innovation in the work we do. 

The full article titled "Workplace Perks That Pay Off" goes in the paper tomorrow (Thursday 11th July) and is live online here (registration required).

Here's a snapshot of the Battenhall part of the feature...  

Courtesy of the Financial Times

If you're wanting to find out more, here is what we stand for at Battenhall from our website, we blog our thoughts on things going on in our industry most days, and on our Join Us page we explain our benefits and how we work, as well as listing our current job openings. 

Onwards and upwards!