Need a quick review of #sustainability, #behaviourchange comms, #energy or #CSR? Tagged and searchable listing of all twitter posts here: That seems a more effective way than archiving them here, so from now on I'll no longer be updating this blog. Contact me @cjwtweets with any queries.

August tweets about sustainability, comms and more…

I think I've finally found out how to archive tweets which carry useful links so that I (or anyone else who wants to) can use it as a source of reference about current developments long after twitter has moved on to the next shiny new thing.  It was embarrassingly easy in the end.  I just linked my twitter account to Delicious and all tweets with links are now listed there, searchable by date, by

July Tweets

This month I've sorted my July tweets using Topsy, a social media tool that appears to archive about 80% of what gets tweeted.  My profile is here: should you want to search my tweet archive by company name or topic. Tweets are archived here under headings for CSR, Sustainable Development, Energy, and Communication and Behaviour Change Corporate Social

June – when Rio+20 came and went

This month was dominated by Rio+20 postings, but there’s also plenty of interesting new stuff about CSR, behaviour change and energy research and policy. All links either tweeted, or re-tweeted on my Twitter feed during June. Sustainable Development How we still have much to learn from John Maynard Keynes – he predicted technology-driven unemployment 

Is putting a value on natural capital all good news? Tweets in May

A theme that seems to feature in tweets this month is the issue of whether ‘doing good’ is all about money, and whether putting a price on everything really helps us understand value – have a look particularly at the Michael Sandel material. Measuring economic progress is also a big topic this month. Other topics include more advocacy ahead of Rio+20, including a useful new report by the World

Tweet archive for April

In April the sustainable development agenda featured lobbying pre Rio+20, CSR commentators continued to focus on Apple but also the ROI for CSR. Tweets archived here include some useful articles offering insight into the drivers and barriers for behaviour change campaigns and a couple of interesting videos. Selected for their usefulness to me and students I teach, some of the links could have

We’d rather be nannied than fined – March 2012

On this post - how we still prefer persuasion to laws or fines for achieving behaviour change, how social (media) marketing is still largely asymmetrical, plus how we can use framing to change our mental maps. Other interesting stuff this month - a great Nudge video and lots of case study material about corporate CSR experiences good and bad, and the arguments rehearsed for what should come out