Lost Reputation

When one loses his reputation, people abandon him -- even if he is on the cusp of victory.  That is the case here.  Five women have now come forward and claimed that Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama, had molested them as teenagers.  Moore is refusing to leave the race even though Republican senators in Congress have already disavowed him.  He is a man twisting in the wind.  Even if his contention that he is the victim of "fake news" proves correct, there is little to no time for him to recover before election day.  If he should be elected, Senators have already said they will move to deny him his seat by expelling him.  If he did molest these women, that is the least he deserves. Sexual harassment has become the new social sin. There is a confluence of power and Continue reading "Lost Reputation"

For Immediate Release 113: Not a 280-Character Episode

For Immediate Release 113: Not a 280-Character Episode
appiiscreens Shel and I recorded the November edition of the monthly Hobson & Holtz Report podcast. We had a great chinwag on these topics:
  • A follow-up to our KFC story (about 11 herbs and spices); the social media team struck again.
  • Twitter has made its new expanded 280 character count available to almost everyone. Not everyone is happy about it.
  • Uber’s new CEO took an investigator’s advice and scrapped the company’s old values statements. Instead of simply crafting a new one, he crowdsourced it to his employees, who responded in a big way.
  • The traditional media thinks the fake news problem is elevating trust in the traditional media. Audiences don’t agree.
  • When pregnant US mums get information from a website with social media elements, they’re more likely to get their children vaccinated and keep those vaccinations up to date. There are
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The Mighty Fall

Not so many years ago, General Electric was a colossus striding the land.  Its management techniques were imitated widely.  Its former executives went on to run large companies. Now the corporation is struggling to survive, and it has lost $100 billion in market value.  The downfall was relatively swift.  After 2008, its financial arm was disassembled and largely sold off.  It was the former engine of earnings outstripping the industrial arms of the business. Now, GE looks mortal, and there is speculation it might not survive as a conglomerate.   If so, it will be an epic flameout equivalent to the demise of ITT decades ago.  It is a reminder that there is no safety in size or in balance sheet.  Market power can erode stealthily or of a sudden.  A CEO needs a healthy paranoia and to remain on alert for trouble. Continue reading "The Mighty Fall"

Social Web Recap 13.11.17

A weekly annotated short summary of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts.
          <img class="thumb-image" alt="Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.43.54 AM.png" data-image="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5821cd7e5016e1bf5d3ebcea/t/5a01aad4c83025f46736d1a5/1510058714360/Screen+Shot+2017-11-07+at+7.43.54+AM.png" data-image-dimensions="400x547" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" data-load="false" data-image-id="5a01aad4c83025f46736d1a5" data-type="image" src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5821cd7e5016e1bf5d3ebcea/t/5a01aad4c83025f46736d1a5/1510058714360/Screen+Shot+2017-11-07+at+7.43.54+AM.png?format=1000w" />
In keeping with last week's theme of changes in the architecture of news usage, Pew Research Center reports that the gap between television and online news consumption is narrowing—"The share of Americans who often get news from TV – whether from local TV news, nightly network TV news or cable news – has fallen, while the portion of Americans often getting news online – either from news websites/apps or social media – has grown."


Surely the biggest news last week was the planned redesign of the Snapchat application to make it easier to use (about bloody time) announced by Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel.  According to Business Insider, the key features of the redesign will be a streamlined Continue reading "Social Web Recap 13.11.17"

Fearless girl isn’t so equal when it comes to gender pay gap

Today it’s Equal Pay Day. The day when women stop earning relative to men because of the gender pay gap. It’s a good day to remember the Fearless Girl. Who can forget the fearless girl facing up to the fearsome symbol of bullish male chauvinism that is the Wall Street charging bull? At last a testosterone-fuelled Wall Street firm was doing the right thing. It was lauded by the media and politicians alike. New York advertising agency McCann boasts on its website about the awesome creativity of its guerilla campaign that saw it sneak in the middle of the night to drop off without permission the statue of a girl to face up the famous Wall Street charging bull. Launched on International Women’s Day in March 2017 it was meant to symbolise the power of women in leadership. Specifically, State Street Global Advisers, the client paying McCann for the stunt,
Fearless Girl top 10 search results November 2017 screenshot
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Cue The Lawyers

AT&T"s CEO has publicity stated he will fight the Justice Department if it tries to get him to spin off CNN before merging with Time Warner.  This sounds like a legal, lobbyist and PR full employment move.  AT&T needs to gain high ground in public and legal opinion and do so quickly.  Thus, President Trump's allegations of CNN producing "fake news" have already become an issue.  It is hard to say at this point who is favored to win the war, but it is unusual.  Normally, when the Justice Department indicates it is not pleased with a merger, there are negotiations and agreements to do spin-offs or the combination is called off by the two parties. AT&T wants content to flesh out its huge distribution platform.  Hence its will to fight to the bitter end.  It might be a long road.  These Continue reading "Cue The Lawyers"