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Amazon’s Eating the World, One Acquisition at a Time

Last week, Amazon made one of its most high-profile acquisitions yet, buying up the national grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. The purchase made immediate waves – a number of other prominent national grocers saw their stocks take a hit mere minutes after the announcement –  with one analyst calling it a “seismic event” in the industry. Whole Foods Amazon With the acquisition, Amazon firmly plants its flag in an industry it had been toying with for years, further broadening its horizons – what don’t they do at this point? In a recent LinkedIn Pulse post, March’s Zander Wharton argues that the acquisition should put many more companies on their heels. In the past, a tech company buying a grocery chain might have sounded ridiculous. But Amazon’s reputation for disrupting markets and tearing through its competition could mean that no industry is safe. To avoid being eaten alive,
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Seeking Credibility, in News and PR

In an era of increasingly prominent fake news, media consumers are looking for credible information from credible sources. As self-publishing platforms like Medium, Twitter and Reddit continue to provide unfiltered, often unedited communications, there has been a dramatic surge in newspaper and magazine subscriptions all around the country. Newspapers are often viewed as more credible because of strict editorial processes, fact-checking and rules about sourcing. Recently, subscription surges have been reported at The Wall Street Journal (300 percent increase), LA Times (60 percent) and The Atlantic (160 percent), to name a few. This rapid growth shows few signs of slowing. In fact, the New York Times announced a second consecutive quarter of record-breaking subscriber growth, with 308,000 new subscribers added in the first quarter of 2017.

Digital Disruption in Action at TM Forum Live! 2017

The pioneers leading the world’s most innovative digital transformations were on hand at this year’s TM Forum Live! in Nice to showcase the tech disruptions that are signaling meaningful change in their fields. Our CEO Martin Jones was on the show floor, where he witnessed decision makers from companies like Goldman Sachs, Verizon and General Electric discussing how digital transformation is changing the way they do business from the top down. While the story in years past has been about the promise that digital transformation holds, the 2017 event finally showcased technological disruption in action, which Martin discusses at length in his latest LinkedIn Pulse post. Martin wasn’t the only attendee impressed with this year’s gathering, as #TMFLive took social media by storm:

One Year from Now: Prepping for the GDPR

Mark your calendar: The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) go into effect one year from today. The new regulations mandate stronger protections for EU citizens’ data, so businesses must reevaluate their data privacy procedures. By May 25, 2018, all companies must abide by the GDPR or risk non-compliance fines. Are you in the U.S. and thinking that this doesn’t apply to you? Think again. Any organization that deals with EU customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) will need to make sure they’re GDPR-compliant. In fact, according to a recent Compuware study, a whopping 94 percent of U.S. companies traffic EU customer data. Yet, only 60 percent have detailed plans in
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#ESCconf: Embedded Systems will Power Futuristic Tech

Did you know that the Boston area is America’s second-largest embedded systems market, behind Silicon Valley? Every year, software developers, hardware engineers, executives and suppliers gather in Boston at the Embedded Systems Conference to hear the latest industry news. New England’s largest annual embedded systems event, ESC features two days of industry education, sourcing and networking. March VP Meredith L. Eaton attended the conference yesterday to learn more about where this industry is headed. She shared some of her thoughts on the event in her most recent LinkedIn Pulse post, “Embedded Systems Backing ‘Perfect Storm’ of New Devices.” There is a ton of excitement in the embedded tech world around current and future real-world applications. Max Maxfield, Editor in Chief of, gave a session about how the integration of technologies like artificial neural networks, cognitive thinking/reasoning, machine learning and VR/AR, underpinned by embedded designs, will
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Announcing Zoom: Startup PR Built for Speed and Impact

It’s a big week for March! We’re super excited to announce ZOOM, our brand-new PR offer that’s tailor-made for early stage startups. ZOOM allows emerging brands to gain the benefit of our award-winning methodology and expertise, with programs that match their unique needs, budgets and expectations. We’re talking about PR programs built for speed and impact, and that solve the age-old question many startups face: “are we ready for PR?” Lots of startups feel like they’re not quite ready to work with an agency, but think they need help to break through and reach major goals, whether that’s growth, acquisition or IPO. ZOOM solves that by taking advantage of our strengths as an agency and making them available to startups in a right-sized program. We have a full team of communication, content and research strategies with experience helping more than 200 brands reach their major goals, including more than 25 Continue reading "Announcing Zoom: Startup PR Built for Speed and Impact"