Social media gave everyone a voice, on the other hand, it also gave everyone a voice

We live in a world where where information and misinformation is prevalent and weighted equally all too often. As human beings, we are learning how to use social media effectively to communicate and connect. At the same time, we’re drowning in abundance, complexity of choices and and unfortunately, the misappropriation or misdirection of influence. Concurrently in professional realms, many leadership teams are overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the sheer scope and scale of the digital evolution. For many of us, social media and the accelerating pace of new devices and apps hitting the market continues to impact our work and life. On this episode of Digital Outliers, I’m joined by Alexandra Samuel, technology futurist and author. Not all things social media are created equal. Functionality on different platforms leads to different kinds of conversations, and these tech-driven interactions carry significant impacts on the way we communicate
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Breaking the Digital Fourth Wall Through Experiential Storytelling

The fourth wall is the space that separates a performer or performance from an audience. A character, actor, author or storyteller “breaks the fourth wall” when they address the audience directly.  As an analyst, author, blogger, podcaster and creator, I am by default, in the content business. Dedicating time to produce my work matters not if no one happens upon it. But once someone discovers my work, it must convincingly pierce the fourth wall between the medium and them to connect and inspire a meaningful reaction. Publishing for an audience of one is critical these days. People must believe that they are heard, validated and in some way, part of the artifact…as if I was able to put words to what they were thinking or feeling. But it takes more than engagement. In an era of social media, the ability (and gift) to talk to one person unlocks the
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