How to Run a B2B Marketing Campaign on LinkedIn

This post is by Blaise Lucey from March Communications

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LinkedIn can help drive traffic to company websites. In fact, it drives the bulk of it. Recent research shows that the professional social network is responsible for sending 64 percent of all social media referral traffic to corporate websites. That’s a clear indicator that LinkedIn users, on the whole, are a little more professionally-minded than users across other social channels. So, naturally, LinkedIn is a great place for marketers to run an effective B2B marketing campaign. But how can you reach your target audience? And… does it really work? March recently ran a B2B marketing campaign on LinkedIn, so we thought we would share what we did, how we did it and how well it worked:

1. Create a Sponsored Update.

Sponsored Updates help a company get a targeted message out in front of prospects. They’re easy to make and pretty affordable. All you have to do is set a budget and select an update to sponsor. We cover this process in a lot more detail in our eBook, “How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Gen.” The most important part of a Sponsored Update is the content. Most companies verify their digital marketing success by clicks, not impressions. If you get a prospect to click to the company website, you can consider the campaign something of a success. Of course, for a B2B marketing campaign to really take off, companies need to have something more in place when prospects arrive at their website.

2. Offer Something of Value.

As with all content marketing, engagement is heavily reliant on the kind of content that you offer. March decided to run a Sponsored Update that promoted our latest eBook. Incidentally, an eBook about how to generate leads for LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a pretty robust analytics engine that keeps track of how prospects interact with the update. You can monitor impressions, followers, clicks and more in very prominently displayed green numbers.

3. Establish What Success Looks Like.

Success from a B2B marketing campaign on LinkedIn has to be defined by more than clicks. What’s a lead worth? Do you have a way to capture lead information when they do click through a LinkedIn Sponsored Update? Premium content should be gated behind an email form that collects company information, first name, last name and email. That will allow you to qualify the leads that come in from a landing page. If you want to see the exact effect LinkedIn has on downloads, create a unique landing page and use that as the link within the Sponsored Updates.

Is it Worth It?

March’s first LinkedIn campaign was small. We spent $50 and targeted marketing executives in tech industries who were only on the East Coast. In the end, we had 14 people click through to the link, seven of whom downloaded the eBook. Two were qualified leads. As a nice bonus, we got two new followers on LinkedIn, so they’re guaranteed to see our future content. At the end of the day, getting leads really means gaining a new way of staying in touch with your audience. To test how to run a B2B marketing campaign on LinkedIn, all you have to do is set up a Sponsored Update and see if that happens. Read More: Want More Engagement on LinkedIn? Find Some Champions.
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