Silicon Valley Uncovered: The evolution of tech, media and its impact on society

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In 2010, my dear friend Hermione Way invited me as the first-ever guest on her then new show, “Silicon Valley Uncovered” for TheNextWeb. It aired on January 18th, 2011. I share this with you because the conversation, while several years old now, is strangely better suited for today and the modern times in which we live and work. I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this interview. To be honest, I’m taken aback by how prescient and philosophical this conversation was in explaining what’s happening now. I found myself reacting in disbelief, “Wow. Did I really say that!?” At the time of this interview, I was in the 11th
(of 12) running a digital lab I had founded in 1999. Shortly thereafter, I would join Altimeter in 2012, which was then acquired by Prophet in 2015. It’s not a short interview. But if you can spare 30 minutes whether via audio or video, I promise, it explains so much of what’s happening today. To help, I break down each episode below. Please watch and share and let me know what you think!

Part One

The evolution of media Impact of media on our lives Personal brand The power of perception and mindsets The definition of “new media” The evolution of business: from social business to an adaptive business The power of online relationships: the social graph vs. the interest graph

Part Two

Adding “People” to the 4Ps of Marketing Social media and the democratization of influence How shared experiences change relationship dynamics and influence impressions and expressions The attention economy and the importance of relevance, context, engagement and reciprocity Brands becoming people and people becoming brands The human network and the new model for information distribution and influence How social media will affect politics, social movements and global culture (WOW!) Intention counts for everything

Part Three

The renaissance of tech and the importance of Silicon Valley The allure of Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs and innovators The importance of the HP garage, the birthplace of Silicon Valley (thank you Robert Scoble!) The culture of Silicon Valley Social media douchebags

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