Here’s to the past, but now it’s time to learn and unlearn toward the future

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How we measure future success is based on yesterday’s understanding of what success meant. It was a different time. The experiences that many deliver today are based on standards of the past and what was acceptable to a preceding generation of customers. People have changed and continue to do so. We simply can’t imagine new possibilities if we can’t see, feel, hear, sense, people as they advance. Otherwise, our ideas, no matter how creative, brilliant, bold, will always be rooted in our interpretation of a world that once was… The only way to design the experiences of the future, that matter to people as they evolve, is to let go of your assumptions,
and beliefs and embrace the unknown…embrace a new center of being and reference. Then and only then, will you have the ability to plug into inputs that help you shape tomorrow’s standards for success.

Brian Solis

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