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Puerto Rico has introduced a bill in Congress to become a US state.  One wonders if this is a dream or a real possibility.  Puerto Rico has terrible PR and the island is a ruin since the hurricane savaged it in 2017.  Should it become a state rather than a possession, it will quickly hold its hand out for rebuilding funds, something Congress might not want to give.  There is good reason for statehood, however.  Its citizens are US citizens although they cannot vote in presidential elections.  There has long been migration to and from the island to the US mainland.  The island has been a US territory since 1898, and has tried before to muster votes for statehood.  In its present condition, it might be time for a 51st state to be created.  There is a long way to go, .  One shouldn't expect Congress to pass a resolution quickly, especially with its Nativist philosophy at the fore.  The possession has a great deal of work to do in lobbying and PR before it can advance.