Searing Spotlight

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The world is paying attention to the 12 boys and their coach caught three miles inside a Thai cave.  If anything goes wrong while divers extract them, it will be international news.  This is a time when one doesn't want to make even a single misstep.  Not only would it harm someone but it would paint the rescue operation as incompetent.  Thai rescuers are proceeding cautiously but they don't have much time.  Monsoon rains are coming and the cave complex already is flooded.  As much as they pump, they can't dry it out.  Left out of the conversation at the moment is the foolhardy venture into the cave in the first place.  Signs warned against it but the soccer team and their coach went in anyway.  There will be time for that once everyone is home safe, but now the reputations Thai, British and American military divers hang in a balance.  Can they bring them out and how fast?  They are in a searing spotlight.