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The Brazilian soccer player, Neymar, is known for two things -- his brilliance on the field and his over-acting when it comes to injury.  During the World Cup, international audiences had a chance to see his hammy performances as he faked hurt.  They did what one might expect.  They mocked him.  Upon calling out, "Neymar", people fall to the ground and roll about in feigned agony.  For Neymar, it should become clear, if it has not already, that the public is on to his performances as are officials.  To preserve his reputation, Neymar needs to stop faking injury at every slight brush with an opponent.  If he insists he has not been overdoing it, then one might ask how he got into the game of football in the first place.  He would be too delicate to play.  Neymar's coaches need to him to the side and explain how ridiculous he looks.