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Hundreds of newspapers this week published editorials on the same day (Thursday) asserting that they are not "the enemy of the people" or "Fake News" as President Trump would have it.  While it was a good and noteworthy effort, one would be remiss if he didn't think the clarion call was self-interested. No one likes to be called out, especially when it is unfair, as is happening now, but rhetoricians emphasize that repeating allegations in one's defense is not the best approach.  "I am not a scoundrel" emphasizes the initial charge.  What is better is an appeal to a higher principle -- the First Amendment.  Trump wraps his insulting words in free speech and the newspapers he is attacking have a right to do the same.  If there must be a pitched battle between "Fake News" and the administration, so be it.  Trump will be around forever and the media can and will outlast him.  It is safe to say, even at this early time, that Trump will go down as one of the worst presidents, making Harding seem desirable.  The news media shouldn't bother to stoop to his level.