How Often?

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How often can one lie to the public and get away with it?  President Trump is finding out.  He makes up facts willy nilly and never bothers to check if he is accurate.  The media have been holding him to account but his rejoinder is "fake news."  That a minority still believes him is testimony to the gullibility of the human race.  It should worry PR practitioners. If Trump can get away with lying, other organizations and individuals might follow his lead.  The amoral leader will conclude that people will believe anything if it is said forcefully enough.  PR's first rule is accuracy.  Adherence to fact is the tool we use to persuade the media and the public of an individual's or organization's position. Making up facts jeopardizes our credibility and that is all we have as spokespersons.  Among many  voters, Trump longer has credibility, and we will find out in November just how large those groups are.