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Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, has engaged in conduct unbecoming for a leading business person.  He boasted publicly that he could beat President Trump in an election because he is "smarter" and he is as "tough" as Trump. Such self-promotion is out of order for a leader, and to Dimon's credit, he realized it right away and backed off of his comments.  It is too much already to listen to Trump's ego-filled speech. The country doesn't need another leader who is so high on self regard.  It takes overwhelming ambition to run for President because the road is long, difficult and thankless. But,voters don't want to hear from a candidate that he is smarter than other candidates.  IQ alone doesn't make a leader and the public knows it.  Maybe Dimon will run, maybe not, but he will need to live down his gaffe.