Faux Pas

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The National Rifle Association is nothing if not pugnacious.  As a result, it committed this faux pas in putting down doctors. Telling them to "stay in their lane" and stay out of the gun control debate was a stupid mistake.  Doctors are the ones saving gunshot victims and frequently failing. Physicians see the damage caused by bullets, the torn tissue, the spilling blood, victims never the same again.  Had the NRA taken but a few moments of reflection, it would have realized the medical profession was a group that should not be targeted.  But in its desire to defend its view, it plunged ahead and as a result, miscommunicated.  This is not the first time the NRA has erred.  In its zeal for guns, it takes on anyone and everyone. There is no possibility of a rational conversation with the organization.  The nation move toward gun control over its objections and eventually,like the smoking lobby, it will lose power over Congress.