Balancing Act

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YouTube has been engaged in a balancing act -- increasing engagement while at the same time trying to control injurious and malevolent videos.  According to this article, it hasn't succeeded in getting rid of toxic material, and it has been slow to understand the injury it has caused.  It is a PR crisis for the company. YouTube can't afford a bad reputation if it is to continue to be a repository. Google says it understands the problem and is doing something about it.  However, the article questions whether it is enough given the dimensions of the challenge.  It also notes that makers of objectionable material are creative about finding ways around company rules.  The ugly fact is they always will.  The best YouTube can do is to lessen bad material without exterminating it.  It is a fight without end.  YouTube has the hard way that there is evil in the world, and technology can't make it disappear.