The Big Lie

This post is by Jim Horton from Online Public Relations Thoughts

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Habitual prevaricators tend to believe lies they tell, even when presented with evidence to the contrary.  Here is a case.  Trump is claiming his internal polling shows him ahead in every state his campaign has surveyed.  Other polls not from his campaign show him well behind.  Trump is not the only one to believe himself in the face of reality.  Over the years I have served clients who paid no attention to market research because they knew better.  They believed in their own big lies, and their companies failed miserably.  Because they rejected evidence, they never saw their demise coming.  They were surprised when the rest of the world had already written them off.  Trump is a special case in that he fails to tell the truth time after time.  He has created a self-regarded alternate dimension in which he always a winner.  It will be interesting to watch the elections in 2020.