Not Again

This post is by Jim Horton from Online Public Relations Thoughts

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The Trump administration has yet to learn that nothing stays secret for long in the internet age. One wonders if it will ever learn.  Consider this.  The White House removed all mentions of climate change from a press release announcing a study by the United States Geological Service.  (USGS).  Never mind that the study cited climate change as a serious threat to California's coast line.  Of course, word of the manipulation leaked.  Then, there is this.    Someone created a fictitious quote from Ronald Reagan predicting that Trump would be President.  Trump, without checking, passed it on.  Once again, it didn't take much checking to show the statement was fake.  Trump and his minions do this constantly.  As a result, he has lost many voters, particularly independents who supported him in 2016.  One is tempted to ask what would to any other organization or individual who is fast and loose with facts.  For certain, their reputations would be destroyed.  In the internet age, accuracy is everything.